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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kosta Rika

Costa Rica is the second smallest country in Central America bordering Nicaragua to the north, Panama in the south-southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Costa Rica is the world's largest sugar consuming nation. In 1980, the average consumption per person was over 65 kg, meaning that everyone ate 1.7 ounces of sugar per day. This country has the safest political level in its region. Compared to other Latin American countries, Costa Rica excels in per capita income. The main result of the country whose territory is 51,100 km² is coffee.
Provinces in Costa Rica.
Administrative division
Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces, then divided into 81 cantons ("cantón" in Spanish, plural of "cantonese"). Here's the list of provinces:
  1. Alajuela
  2. Cartago
  3. Guanacaste
  4. Heredia
  5. Limón
  6. Puntarenas
  7. San José

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