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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lefkada Island - See Greek in White

Pulau Lefkada - Lihat Yunani di White

The name of the fantastic Greek island of Lefkada means "white" and comes from beautiful rocks to be made from chalk. The island is a popular destination for many tourists in Greece. The beach is amazing, with clear and clear water. The sand is nice and mixed with small stones. This is one of the most modern ports in Greece and the beautiful scenery and beach activities side by side without interruption. There are several beaches that have beach bars and restaurants, but there are many remote and secluded ones. Check below what you can see and enjoy while you are on Lefkada Island.


Porto Katsiki Beach
Porto Katsiki Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. It will lure you with clean water and fine sand. Located 40 km southwest of the city of Lefkada and surrounded by steep cliffs, unforgettable scenery. You have to use 80 ladders carved in stone to reach it. In the past, the area was used for grazing by local shepherds.
This is a fishing village with a busy harbor where you can use daily ferries to Ithaca and Kefalonia, or just to rent a cruise ship along a beautiful beach. Vasiliki has a long beach with pebbles instead of sand. Walk through the romantic streets of the city and try seafood at local restaurants. Just 38 km south of the city of Lefkada, so no big deal if you want to see its stunning beauty.
Papanicolis Cave
It was named after a Greek diver who was hiding here during World War II. The water is clear in the cave, but you can not swim in it because it is so cold, and the ship that is constantly passing by the visitor can hit you. You will see many dolphins that will love to swim around your boat. Rent a boat from Vassiliki harbor and enjoy this unique place.
Turntable Museum
This is a unique museum in Greece. Here, next to the turntable, old recordings and musical instruments, you will see a collection of Old City photographs and paintings, books, jewelry and coins. The museum kept the first radio, taken to the island. Located in the city of Lefkada and art and history buffs will enjoy it without any obstacles.
Folklore Museum in Kariya
This is a small private museum, where you will see many knits, you will learn about the various methods of this wonderful ancient art. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the craft and experience the fun of practicing it.
Archaeological Museum
The beautiful museum will take you back a thousand years ago in the ancient history of Lefkada. You can see lots of pottery, copper jewelry, stone tools, weapons, artifacts from ancient tombs and others. It can be found in the central part of the city of Lefkada.
Fortress of Agia Mavra
This is a unique fort built by Sicilians in the XIV century. Behind the wall is the church of Agia Mavra, transformed into a mosque after the Turkish occupation of the XV century. The castle holds many concerts, fairs and festivals during the summer and is located a few kilometers northeast of the city of Lefkada.
The island of Lefkada with its white beaches and water can be the perfect place for your summer vacation. Many other attractions that you can see will only increase the pleasure of your trip. So, visit Lefkada and you will have a Greek adventure that can take you back to a normal life filled with lots of positivism and wisdom.

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