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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bachelor Degree or Diploma D1, D2, D3

Guidance on Selecting a Bachelor (S1) or Diploma (D1, D2, D3, D4)

You Are Still Confused Determining How to Choose a Bachelor or Diploma Program?
Here will be a little explained about the Degree Program and Diploma.
So that you are not confused and doubt anymore.

Bachelor's degree or Bachelor's degree in English is an Academic Degree given to graduates of Strata One (S1) / Undergraduate. The Graduate Program Focus is preparing individuals who have the ability to plan, organize, analyze, evaluate, resolve and make decisions and find solutions and innovation.

Type of Degree
Examples of degrees gained through undergraduate degree programs include S.H. ( Bachelor of Law ); S.T. ( Bachelor of Engineering ); S.I.P (Bachelor of Political Science); S.Ked. ( Medical degree ); S.Ds (Bachelor of Design) and many more.

Study And Course
The undergraduate program offers studies that emphasize theoretical and analytical aspects (60% theory and 40% practice). Undergraduate programs generally take 4-6 years of study, or about 144-160 SKS (Semester Credit Units). But not infrequently there are those who can complete the undergraduate program within 3.5 years. Duration of study in flexible degree program depends on the fulfillment of the SKS targets.
Undergraduate programs often require study participants to cover up to half of the overall credits to take general education classes. Some of the classes to be taken include philosophy, history, English, mathematics, art and so on. This mandatory class is usually called the Compulsory Course.
Other courses that must be taken are courses majoring in accordance with the courses taken. The rest to meet the target of the credits that have not been full is the elective course. Elective courses allow individual students to explore themes appropriate to their interests or to be interesting, to provide a new perspective to support their studies.
To pass the undergraduate degree program, students are required to complete a scientific work called Thesis.

Diploma or Associate's Degree, is a Deed or Certificate issued by a higher education institution such as the Institute and University, which explains that a person has completed a particular course of study, as well as conferring an academic degree. The Diploma / Vocational Program aims to prepare qualified individuals with good technical and practical skills and work quality plus a basic analytical aspect.

Type of Degree
The degree for Diploma One (D1) is A.P. (Primary Expert). Example A.P.Kom (Computer Primary Expert)
The degree for the Diploma Two (D2) program is A.Ma. (Young Expert). Example A.Ma.Pd (Young Expert of Education)
The degree for the Diploma Three (D3) program is A .Md. ( Associate ). Example A.Md.Keb (Midwifery Expert)

The Diploma Program offers studies that emphasize applicative aspects (60% practice 40% theory). Emphasize on certain skills training and or preparing students to proceed to Undergraduate Program
One Diploma Program is required to take 2 semester and complete about 32 credits. Two Diploma Programs are required to take 4 semester and complete 64 credits. And for Diploma Program Three is required to take a period of 6 semester and complete about 112 credits. Most diploma programs have scheduled and targeted the study period.
Courses at the Diploma level are the same as those at the undergraduate degree level. Includes studies in areas such as art and design, business, communications, digital animation, dental health, culinary arts, automotive repair, electronics, social work and health information technology.

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