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Thursday, October 12, 2017

10 Best Travel Blogger Indonesia 2016 Version Intl.Triafa.com

Intl.Triafa.com – Who likes to stop by travel blogs when wanting to find information about a tourist destination? Yes, blog travel is indeed one of the best sources of information for you who are making travel itinerary or are looking for inspiration next vacation.
In Indonesia itself there are many travel bloggers are active and famous among lovers of traveling. Booking.com has collected and summarized the 10 best Indonesian blogger travels based on ranking * at Alexa.com. Well, here, Reservation.com will discuss about the character of their blogs as well as share information about who the inspirational figure behind the blog.
Is there your favorite blogger travel on the following list?
1. Travel Blogger cumilebay.com (Moechamad Adi Mariyanto)
One of the most famous bloggers in the universe travel blogger Indonesia is known by the famous Cumi Lebay. Men born Gresik, East Java is indeed has a characteristic that can not be imitated by others. Maybe someone else will think-think hell, what ya want to mimic the style of a typical Lebay Squid with bare chest only wearing underwear in the middle temperature reaches 8 degrees Celsius?
No doubt Cumi Lebay does have a charm in every writing. Starting from the photo, style of the language to the text color is always different from other blogger travel. Men who like to eat spicy food is often even used as a brand ambassador by several leading brands ranging from automotive to underwear clothing.
The man who claimed to have a clothing business has a unique in his writing, which tells the other side of a journey that may not be obtained from other travel blogs. Sometimes there is a dark side that is told with cheerful nuances, funny, and often makes people want to go to places that are told Cuttle Lebay.
Not only that, some posts are often perched on the first page and are in the first rank search for the keyword of a particular place. Lebay squid is indeed a phenomenon in the world of travel blogs in Indonesia. He is different. Even one of the mining companies in Indonesia alone has often made Calamari Lebay as a guide in every walk with other bloggers.
This well-mannered and smiling man is indeed an unusual travel magnet. He always gives life in every journey that can not be forgotten by anyone. With its distinctive style, Cumi often provides practical writing tips. He never stingy knowledge of various blog tips from a travel tour.
Men who diligently fasting Monday and Thursday has a myriad of traveling traveling stories on his blog: Cumilebay.com. Make sure your heart does not beat fast while reading his journey to South Korea when he visited Jeju Loveland Museum.
Blognya recorded always on top of Alexa Rank among other blogger travel. Blognya until now has reached 4.6 million more hits. Only Calamari Lebay gives a hot and spoiled story of his never-ending journey.
2.Travel Blogger chockysihombing.com (Chocky Sihombing)
Chocky Sihombing is a great blogger travel in Yogyakarta and carries out a study in Computer Science at Gadjah Mada University. Although the appearance and appearance of Chocky look relaxed, He is the figure of a new enthusiast who always eager in pouring the story of his journey and interact with visitors blognya. Things are certainly felt also by readers of his blog, either because he was born on the same date with Mrs. Kartini, or because of other things. He also actively share insights in other social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.
In addition to traveling, this friendly man looks passionate in the world of photography. His interest is visible from the work of his photographs in the blog and Instagram. The writings of this blogger is also very interesting and informative. The use of straightforward language style combined with the ability to speak a word that is light and easy to understand, and without a lot of small talk, making his writing has its own characteristics as well as quality. Even the topic of a fairly long discussion is able to pack nicely into the writing.
Kecakapan Chocky dalam menekankan sisi informatif kisah perjalanannya bisa dilihat dari pemakaian bullets yang membagi per sub-sub judul, lalu menambahkan tips dan trik singkat di bagian akhir tulisannya. Baginya, informasi-informasi ini lebih berguna untuk membantu orang menemukan referensi perjalanan yang dibutuhkan. Pendapatnya lantas dibuktikan oleh tulisan-tulisan blognya yang rata-rata masuk dalam halaman pertama Google, dan tulisan soal pengurusan Visa Korea Selatan menempati urutan satu dalam pencarian Google.
Selain itu, optimalisasi gambar atau foto, ketepatan keyword yang dituju, serta keaktifan Chocky di media sosial, tentu ikut mendukung peningkatan traffic pengunjung blognya. Kunjungi blog www.chockysihombing.com untuk mengenalnya lebih jauh.
Ketika ditanya soal destinasi wisata favoritnya di tanah air, Chocky bermimpi menjelajahi daerah Indonesia Timur yang terkenal akan eksotisme alamnya. Ia juga penasaran bertemu langsung dengan si maskot Pulau Komodo. Sedangkan untuk destinasi favoritnya di luar negeri, Ia mengaku telah jatuh hati dengan kecantikan New Zealand, sejak mengunjunginya dulu. Alam menjadi alasan utamanya, baginya NZ tempat yang ideal untuk perjalanan liburan, ditambah sambutan ramah dan suasana hangat khas penduduk lokal yang melengkapi kesan keindahannya.
3. Travel Blogger wiranurmansyah.com (Wira Nurmansyah)
In addition to the famous writing and the story of his journey is exciting, the man born in 1989 named Wira Nurmansyah is also often upload and display cool photos shots during traveling in his blog. Typically, Wira more often surround various places and beautiful cities alone or unaccompanied by anyone.
Travel bloggers who are also fond of photography is very happy to visit beautiful places that can make it comfortable as well as inspire to write about the place on his personal blog.
Domiciled in Tangerang, Wira has a profession that allows him to keep walking around Indonesia, even the world. Starting from his love with photography that ‘requires’ him to keep traveling, Wira is very fond of capturing landscape photos and natural attractions that can bring it to places that he had never imagined before. Not infrequently also, Wira often ‘show off’ the results of this trip to the readers and their friends through writing in this blog.
The story begins around 2008, Wira started traveling alone with the surrounds of the city and it made him addicted to the present. Wira had told me that in the early days of traveling, he had felt afraid and anxious if anything happened. Moreover, Wira was a shy person. However, all that changed when he had felt traveling around Indonesia. In fact, after that, he even declared that he was not a shy person anymore, but ‘shy’. It’s really exciting!
Wira also had time to tell the reason he blogging in 2008. The reason is because he wanted to immortalize his own journey with the aim of ‘show off’ as well as educate the traveler to have awareness and responsible with the journey they have been through.
Starting from his penchant for photography which then directed himself to walk around while immortalizing it into the photo, now Wira has become one of the blogger travel is well known among the traveler and inspire of course. It’s so fun not to know this blogger travel! Nah, if you are curious about the work of photos and writings from Wira can directly see and read on www.wiranurmansyah.com
4. Travel Blogger backpackstory.me (Arief Rahman)
Talented writers from Semarang backpackstory.me blog owner has a myriad of traveling stories that poured in a smart, light, funny, and familiar, into his blog. The claim is still a serious traveler, as written on the backpackstory.me tagline, but in fact that is written even make readers do not scream.
Take a look at this, “Great people, even though they are in prison but Bung Karno’s mind can be free. Contemplating under the breadfruit tree alone, it could be Pancasila. Differences with me who can only daydream dirty under the mango tree, “he chirped on the blog while telling about the story of the house of exile Bung Karno in Ende, Flores. His style reflects the combination of maturity of mind and innocence, but intelligent, laden with jokes, sometimes meaning not joking but even funny.
There is a simple figure named Arief Rahman behind it, who is happy to find his passion as a traveler and writer, having previously helter-skelter trying to do various jobs to realize the call of his heart. Now, he was no longer half-hearted to live it.
Various awards he achieved, including the award of Indonesia’s Best Travel Blog of the Year 2014 pioneered by one of the leading global travel sites. He has also spawned several books on a collection of short stories titled Generation 3G, The Journeys 3, Me and Rain, Rasa Cinta, Jakarta Bandung Jogja, DigitaLove, The DestinAsean, and Four Elements.
Arguably Arief Rahman is blessed with emotional sensitivity and unique ability to see ‘cuteness’ in the world, so that his writing is often felt life and rich colors. No wonder that many readers feel at home following each story and faithfully comment. His review was often inspired and made into travel references, ranging from visa arrangements, to the journey of seeking love.
Arief Rahman Profession as a travel blogger itself started in 2012 thanks to his craft in hunting cheap tickets and travel to various places in the homeland overseas. Since then, he started writing his travel stories into blogs.
Singapore became the country’s first choice for overseas destinations. There, he gained a new perspective on life. However, for Arief Rahman, his experience of exploring Myanmar and riding a hot air balloon over the scenes of thousands of temples, has become his favorite experience so far. Please visit www.backpackstory.me if you want to know more about the story of his journey.
Now, Arief Rahman got many commercial offers from various producers, active as a speaker in print and electronic media, as well as earn additional income from his love in writing and traveling.
5. Travel Blogger dananwahyu.com (Danan Wahyu Sumirat)
Danan Wahyu Sumirat, the man who often won the writing competition is the ability to process his words was no doubt.
No wonder if travel bloggers who work at dananwahyu.com is interesting to diulik. According to Alexa.com, a special thing that is present in the blog dananwahyu.com who ranked above the average, the content mix of articles, photos, video and audio are packed with interesting in a blog. This is what is still rarely done by other blogger travels in Indonesia.
Many destinations have been written by Danan Wahyu on his blog from travel to Aceh, Bali, Bangka Belitung, Banten, Jakarta, Jambi, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta, East Kalimantan, Riau Islands, Lampung, East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, South Sulawesi, West Sumatra, North Sumatra, East Timor, Lampung, Riau to Nepal.
If you have a vacation plan to one of these destinations, you can immediately mengulik blog to find recommendations of special places that you can visit the destination while on vacation later.
Not only the story of a vacation trip that is in the blog, this Java-born son of Sumatra also shared his “curhatannya”, and various reviews about books, fashion, to technology.
With a unique blog branding that is “Roads cuap-cuap” or “Jalan2Cuap2”, Danan Wahyu managed to execute the branding by pouring all his hobbies to chat and make travel videos to various places.
Jalan2Cuap2 is a combination of travel blog and broadcasting off water. You will be invited to listen to travel stories in different ways and styles. If in a blog article you are usually invited to imagine through words and illustrations photos, another case in Jalan2Cuap2. There, you will be invited to spend your senses of listener and taste to listen to a travel story packed in spoken or complete speech with intonation. In addition, you will also be invited to hear the chatter of the travel blogger, Danan Wahyu, for almost an hour of talk without pause and laugh as if owning the other person.
Well, if you want to get a different travel story involving various senses and combine articles, photos, video and audio, you must stop by blog dananwahyu.com.
6. Travel Blogger pergidulu.com (Adam Poskitt and Susan Natalia)
Adam and Susan, maybe these two names are familiar to you. Adam and Susan are married couples who are also travelers and have visited many destinations in the world. Adam is an Australian citizen while Susan is the original mojang of Bandung, West Java.
Pergidulu.com blog owner has been visited 25 countries and has about 24 thousand followers in Instagram. Not only popular in Instagram, pergidulu.com also ranked above the average Top Sites in Indonesia by Alexa.com.
Selection pergidulu.com name begins by accident Susan who was currently teaching his husband Adam to leave first before travel to his late father. Initially, according to Susan, the word “pergi dulu” is a little strange, but over time the word becomes memorable for both of them.
If talking about a couple who are on vacation alone must be imagined in the minds of most people is the romantic side. Well, no exception for Adam and Susan. Armed with the motto ‘You must travel with the one you love’, they seem to deliberately dedicate their life to travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of the world together without having to have a home and a permanent job.
With the concept of backpackneymoon, inspired by honeymoon a la backpacking, they try to review various places that exist in the world they have visited in blog pergidulu.com.
One of the perks owned by pergidulu.com is they both try to review the concept of honeymoon style but with a complete backpack starting from the tourist area, the place by-by, until the best culinary in the area. In fact, in pergidulu.com there is a complete blend of tours ranging from Bandung, Garut, Cipanas, Cirebon to Chiang Mai.
7. Travel Blogger efenerr.com (Farchan Noor Rachman)
Working as a civil servant in charge of taxes, does not necessarily become an obstacle for this bespectacled man to write travel stories in a travel blog. He often took time for traveling in the country and abroad. His writing is very typical with deep reviews.
Bak read an encyclopedia, there is only knowledge that we can get when reading the story of the journey of men who are often invited as this resource person. Farchan never even run out of sense to invite smiles and click amazed through his timeline up. Almost every morning, he always distributes the typical #OOTD urbanites who often use the Commuter Line as one means of transportation work.
Not infrequently, he also expresses his anxiety with an intelligent and invite positive and enlightening discussion. He rejects decisively to preach and share negative news that weakens the soul and mind.
Farchan sometimes inserts even life philosophy in his flowing and readable writings. Not infrequently blog readers feel enlightened after reading his writings. One example is Batik Banyumasan Sokaraja which is one of anti-mainstream batik in Central Java.
In his writings, Farchan revealed that batik Banyumasan has a long history that has a red thread with the struggle of Prince Diponegoro. The different perspective presented by Farchan is very rarely owned by a travel blogger in Indonesia. Farchan is indeed a batik collector. Even in some photos #OOTD Farchan is so proud to wear batik wherever he goes no exception when to the office.
Not only write on the blog, his writings are also quite a lot that is published in various print media. In a unique way, he also celebrates his wedding day by traveling to Japan. This man is also quite active in one of the group traveling on Facebook. Not always think about SEO and ranking, the blog remains maintained and maintained until it always entered in the highest order of the list of travel blogs Indonesia in Alexa Rank.
8. Travel Blogger whateverbackpacker.com (Adis Takdos)
Traveler who calls himself as a backpacker gembel is getting known through his blog and travel comedy books are hilarious and nyeleneh. Not infrequently, Adis invited to various talk shows off the water and on air. In March 2011, Adis or familiarly called Takdos has started writing his story into his blog entitled “Whatever I’m Backpacker”.
Adis is well known for his distinctive style of writing that is different from other blogger travel. How come? Writers as well as this one traveler often entertains the readers with a little writing style, funny, and nyeleneh. Nevertheless, Adis can still provide interesting information for visitors or readers who visit his blog.
Men born in the 1990s who live in Bandung is much to tell about the world backpacking experience that you can see and read on www.whateverbackpacker.com. You know what distinguishes Adis with other blogger travel? Here, Adis will tell all the traveling around the world he has done with a very minimal budget aka very cheap and that’s where the lingering begins.
No wonder the blog Adis has a fairly large rating and ranked 8.485 on Alexa.com which then make it as top rank sites in Indonesia. Oh yes, Adis also recently announced an interesting thing that will do that is named #WhateverEuro.
Yep! Adis will invite you to follow in his footsteps around Europe to 29 countries with a budget that will make you shocked! The 58-day journey will start from January 17, 2017 until March 2017 and Adis will only issue a budget of Rp 6,750,000. Wow really right ?!
How, interested to follow the trip with Adis? Do not forget to stop by to www.whateverbackpacker.com to get inspiration from the journey.
9. Travel Blogger catperku.com (Rijal Fahmi Mohamadi)
This popular travel blog was dinakhodai by Rijal Fahmi Mohamadi. The contents of catperku.com blog is very complete. Not only available information on domestic and foreign tourist destinations, but also other valuable information. For example, information on how to apply for a working holiday visa, an example itinerary, and so forth.
Navigation on catperku.com blog is also very neat and complete. Readers are greatly facilitated when looking for an article that suits their needs. All articles are sorted by location (Indonesia or overseas), activity form (adventure, backpacking, motor touring, etc.), type of area (mountains, forests, waterfalls, concerts, etc.), tips, Culinary reviews and much more.
All of it he wrote based on his own experience so that the information is of course reliable. In accordance with the name catperku.com blog which is an acronym of “My Travel Notes”. The islands of Java, Bali, NTB, NTT, Maluku, Kalimantan and Sulawesi are some of the areas in Indonesia that have been mined.
As for overseas destinations, the countries Fahmi has visited include Japan, Brunei, Macau, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Fahmi himself has no author background. Graduates of this electrical engineering had worked as a programmer. But lately he even addicted to the world of writing and blogging that he started since 2010.
This heavy Japanese and Doraemon cultural fan is now settling in Sydney – Australia using his working holiday visa. So no wonder if lately catperku.com blog posts are mostly filled by experience in Australia. Good traveling experience, work experience experience, and experience with tax in Australia. Previously Fahmi also lived in Bali for 2 years, Bandung and Jakarta.
10. Travel Blogger travelerien.com (Katerina S.)
Characteristics of Travelerien.com is a simple language, easy to understand, and has a fairly neat writing style. The writing is quite descriptive and narrative. In fact, some of the articles that were there felt like diaries when read. Katerina complete each article with many photos, both from the results of his own shots and shots of his traveling companions.
The photos also display a pleasant impression and the level is balanced, not too much selfie, but also not only limited to natural scenery or inanimate objects only. Instead, Katerina seems to prefer to share photos that show the joy of his friends or the furore of his entourage while traveling together.
In addition to blogging, Katerina is filled with busy life as a housewife. With the typical language style and profile of Katerina itself, no wonder if the majority of readers of the blog Travelerien.com is dominated by women. Katerina itself is currently domiciled in BSD – South Tangerang.
Katerina began to plunge into the blog world since 2008 without any background of journalism, linguistics, and so forth. Everything is pure because he has a hobby of writing. Initially, he wrote without regard to the rules of good writing. However, over time, Katerina continues to study by attending various writing workshops as well as blogging.
Travelerien.com includes travel blogs that focus on domestic tourist destinations. Katerina’s favorite area itself is Lampung. In fact, this year alone, he has five times to Lampung. According to Katerina, Indonesia is too beautiful for dinomorduakan and places of tourism is never exhausted to be visited. From the western end to the eastern end, all are fascinating.
“Unfortunately not everyone thinks the same. But it could be because of ignorance. Well, through writing / blog / photo I helped to tell. Although what I know is only a little, knowing where the cost itself, the funds are limited, which is still small, “Katerina told Reservation.com.
So, if you want to find references traveling to various regions in Indonesia especially Lampung, just stop by blog Travelerien.com, yes!
Wherever your holiday destination is, search for airline tickets and hotel reservations only at Travel.Triafa.com!

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