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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Being Traveling, Beautiful Women Tribal Chairman Who Marries It Even. This Is The Fate Of Now

Many unexpected events while we are traveling. Often bad events like pickpocketing or being robbed are not, which is rarely a fun event like getting a mate. Dynamics that make traveling activity always be a fun activity.
No exception with Sarah Begum, an anthropologist and also a traveler who has experience in the Amazon jungle. This beautiful girl of Amazon forest demo and stayed for 2 weeks with Huaorani Tribe in Ecuador. What did Sarah Begum experience there? Let us refer to Hipwee Travel review below.
Sarah Begum, a traveling anthropologist who wants to document the Huaorani tribe in the Amazon jungle. It was the translation of the Amazon and through living there.
London girl named Sarah Begum was 21 years old when she decided to enter the mysterious Amazon forest in 2010. She wanted to study life in the Amazon jungle. One goal is to make a documentary there. Finally he entered into the community of the Huaroni Tribe located in Ecuador. One of the most feared tribes in the Amazon rainforest.
Based on the information he gets, the Huaironi tribe will be expelled from their homeland by one of the oil companies located there. Therefore, he wanted to study the culture and outlook of the tribal people and try to protect it.
Living in a tribe that is still alienated from modern human life so enjoyed by Sarah Begum. Until finally he married by the chiefs there.
Outside expectations, Sarah Begum is highly respected by the Huaroni tribe. Among the tribal people living in the upper Amazon, he was treated very well. Even one of the chiefs named Ginkto, put his heart on him. At its peak one night, he was invited to attend a meeting of elders in a tent. Inside the tent were all naked elders, and they asked Sarah to undress her. At first he hesitated, but in honor of the elders and also for the sake of his project, he eventually joined naked as well. Then the elders gave him a crown of signs that he was made queen in the tribe. This means that he will be married to Ginkto, a highly respected chieftain there.
Only two weeks Sarah was there. Fate led him to become the youngest journalist and documentary maker in the movie Amazon Soul. Now he is an explorer of anthropology that has traveled the world.
From Amazon, Sarah Begum made a documentary entitled Amazon Soul. She became the youngest woman to produce a documentary film through the film. He is now an anthropologist and journalist. Sarah has been ‘working’ in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Wales, America, Ethiopia, Morocco and also Venezuela. In 2014, he and Russ Malkin founded The Adventuress Club, a platform that brings together and connects and empowers women through the adventure world. He often flies from London to Ecuador, whether to meet his ‘adat’ husband or indeed because of work. You can see Sarah’s portfolio on this website.
Sarah Begum made a documentary entitled Amazon Soul. This movie trailer is very epic and colossal.
Regardless of his story married to the chief, Sarah Begum is a portrait of women in the millenials era who dared to adventure and break the grip that women should be at home only. He has traveled the world, mobilizing and empowering women, recording a culture that has been covered in dense forest to make a remarkable Amazon Soul film. Inspirational really!

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