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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Private Pre-Shared Key on Wireless network

Networks with wireless are known for more open security than using cables. Because anyone can connect and quite vulnerable if there is no security features. In the previous articles have been discussed about how the security configuration of wireless networks in general.
The most widely applied security feature is wireless authentication using WPA / WPA2 Pre-Shared-Key set up on wireless security profile. This authentication will apply to all users who want to connect to wireless.
In this article we will try to discuss a feature that can be added to increase wireless network security, namely Private Pre-Shared Key. This feature allows us to create different passwords for each Client to be connected wirelessly.
The configuration can be done on the wireless AP side of the Wireless -> Access List menu. All you need to do is add a MAC-Address Client device and set a special password for the Client device on Private Pre-Shared Key parameters.
The use of Private Pre-Shared Key does not mean WPA / WPA2-PSK default is not required. In order for this Private Pre-Shared Key function to run, WPA / WPA2 PSK configuration in Security-Profile should still be enabled and make sure the wlan interface is pointing to the Security-Profile. 
With that configuration, when there is a Client that wants to connect and not listed on Access List then still using authentication from WPA / WPA2 PSK according to Wireless Security Profile configuration.

Source: MikroTik Indonesia

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