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Thursday, November 9, 2017


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WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp logo.svg
developersFacebook, WhatsApp Inc.
Status of developmentActive
Programming languageDepending on the language system
Operating systemAndroidBlackBerry OS,BlackBerry 10iOSSeries 40SymbianWindows Phone dan Web-Based
TypeInstant Messaging
Websitewhatsapp .com
WhatsApp Messenger  or  WhatsApp  is  an application  messaging for  smartphones with similar basic  BlackBerry Messenger . WhatsApp Messenger is an  applicationmessage cross-platform which allows us to exchange messages  without charge  SMS , because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data packets for  email , web browsing, and others. Applications  WhatsApp Messenger connection using  3G  or WiFi  for data communication. By using WhatsApp, we can do an online chat , file sharing, exchanging photos and others. [1]

History edit  | edit source ]

Initially, WhatsApp created for users  iPhone , then along with the development, application WhatsApp is available also for the version of  BlackBerry ,  Android ,  Windows Phone  and  Symbian .
Until November 2010, WhatsApp ranked the third position, the best-selling applications that are downloaded through the Nokia Ovi Store, after  Swype  and premium NHL game center. [2] .

Supported Platforms edit  | edit ]

WhatsApp can run on multiple platforms, namely:

The use of edit  | edit source ]

WhatsApp can be used for the  iPhone ,  BlackBerry , and  Symbian  ( Nokia ). Applications  WhatsApp can only work to fellow users who have  the app  WhatsApp. Applications  WhatsApp can be downloaded for free on his website. Application  uses a mobile phone number that we use to interact with fellow users WhatsApp. Application  allows users  of BlackBerry ,  iPhone , and  Symbian  to be able to communicate with each other. This app uses push feature so that you can always tell the message that is being received. Some things to consider in the use of WhatsApp is

Connection stability edit  | edit source ]

WhatsApp is relying on an internet connection through the network  GPRS / EDGE / 3G  or wifi to run. WhatsApp application does not exit (quit) when there is no internet connection. You can see the contact or conversation with your friend even if there is no internet connection. As in  BlackBerry Messenger , if there is no internet connection, you can still open the  application  it but when you try to send a message, there is a sign indicating hours postpone delivery of your messages to an internet connection.

Notifications edit  | edit source ]

There is a choice notifications for new message notifications in the settings section. You can choose to show new messages in Pop Up or only appear in the notification area. You can also set the call at the setting.

No HP as PIN edit  | edit source ]

Unlike the  BlackBerry Messenger  that uses a unique PIN to add a list of friends. In WhatsApp to add a friend, your friend no hp necessary. Interestingly, you do not need to add friends in the WhatsApp application. Just fill your Phonebook list with your friends along with his phone no, and synchronize by pressing the refresh button in option when you are on your friends list (+).Well, if your friend is registered using the mobile phone number, WhatsApp will find it for themselves and to show your friends directly from the call list. When you first install it, you will get a WhatsApp contact list that is automatically populated.WhatsApp directly retrieve data in the phonebook and synchronize with the server. If no phone listed on WhatsApp your friends, this application will automatically know him.

Sign the message is successfully delivered, has been received, and read Edit  | edit source ]

This feature is very similar to  BlackBerry Messenger . If the  BlackBerry Messenger  using sign D and R, in WhatsApp uses a tick. One tick (grayed out) means the message was successfully sent, two tick (grayed out) means the message has been received but not yet read, and two blue checkmark means that the message has been read. [3]  In the absence of an internet connection, it would appear the hour mark which indicates a delayed message delivery. WhatsApp can send files such as:
1. Photos (directly from the camera, file manager and media gallery)
2. Video (directly from a video camera, a file manager and media gallery)
3. Audio (direct record sound from the file manager, from music gallery)
4. Location (you can send your exact location to pick up your position on Google Maps)
5. Contact (send the contact details of the phonebook)

Other features edit  | edit source ]

Other features included in WhatsApp is:
1.  View Contact : You can see the contact in the phonebook, WhatsApp also appear as a list of contacts in the phonebook
2.  Avatar  : You can not change  Avatar  manually, WhatsApp will retrieve data from the Profile phonebook avatar. When using sync  Facebook  with Phonebook, then the  avatar  that appears is the avatar  Facebook .
3.  Add a shortcut conversation  : conversation can also add a shortcut to your homescreen.
4.  Email Conversation  : You can also send all the conversation via  email .
5.  Copy / Paste  : Each sentence conversation can also copy, forward and delete it by holding down the sentence on the screen.
6.  Smile icon  : To add the thrill of the conversation, you can add emotions with many options, such as: smile emotions, icons such as the weather, animals, plants, musical instruments, books, cards, cars ,  buildings ,  aircraft  etc.
7.  Search  : basic features every IM, you can find a list of contact through this feature.
8.  Call  : because WhatsApp pin is equal to the tel / hp friends, you can make a call directly from the application of this WhatsApp.
9.  WhatsApp Call  : Users can make calls via WhatsApp with an internet connection. [4]
10.  Block : used to block certain contacts.
11.  Status  : Like most IM feature, also present on WhatsApp Status. However, unlike the fuel that displays latest updates whenever there is change in the status of friends, WhatsApp only displays the status under the friend's name, similar to Yahoo Messenger. You can also change the status of which is already available in WhatsApp as available, busy, at school etc.

Whatsapp for Web Based Computer edit  | edit source ]

WhatsApp officially announced the launch of the official feature called Whatsapp Web on 22 January 2015. This feature tried to facilitate the use of this application for computer-based users. Like a cell phone-based WhatsApp, this feature requires an Internet connection as penyampaikan track information. WhatsApp works via an online portal provided by the developer which is located in www.web.whatsapp.com. WhatsApp web in principle serve to open WhatsApp account through a computer device.
This feature in the initial period easier to use through a Chrome app developed by Google. Synchronization is required to open an account WhatsApp via this website. Developers provide the necessary barcode is scanned through a mobile application WhatsApp. Scanning will directly open the WhatsApp application in accordance with the account that functions on mobile phones are used for scanning.
Conversations contained in the application WhatsApp on mobile phones will also presented on this web version.Synchronization is done automatically in the event of a change in one of the active application [5] .

Excess edit  | edit source ]

Some profit taking WhatsApp:
1.  Not only the text  : WhatsApp has a feature to send images, video, voice, and location of  the GPS  via hardware GPS  or Gmaps.The media can directly be shown instead of a link.
2.  Integrated into the system  : WhatsApp, like sms, no need to open  the application  to receive a message. Incoming message notification when  the phone  was off will still be delivered if  the phone is already on.
3.  Status Messages  : - Red clock for the loading process at HP we - Checkmark if a message is sent to the network - a double checkmark when the message is sent to a friend chat. - The red cross if the message failed
4.  Broadcats and Group chat  : Broadcast to send a message to many users. Group chat to send messages to fellow members of the community.
5.  Save  Bandwidth  : Because integrated with the system, then no need to login and loading contact / avatar, so that data transactions more efficient. Applications  can be turned off, and is only active when there is an incoming message, so they can save batrei. [6]
6.  Clear Message To All People  : This new feature similar to the feature " Drag Message " of  BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which has been already released. This feature allows us to delete or retract a message that has been sent. Initially this feature is only available for beta users, [7] [8]  until then released to the public. [9] [10]

References edit  | edit source ]

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External links edit  | edit source ]

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