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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Head of the Cyber: If the Hoax Who Builds, Please Just

Jakarta - Head of Board Siber and the State Code (BSSN) Major General Djoko Setiadi said the hoax is not always negative. According to him, hoaxes also constructive.

"There are positives and negatives. I appealed to fellow sons and daughters of Indonesia, let if the hoax build ya fine," Djoko said at the State Palace in Jakarta, Wednesday (03/01/2018).

Former Head of State Code Institution (Lemsaneg) it will be decisive to the spreading hoaxes . He said that BSSN will cooperate with the relevant institutions ranging from the Police, State Intelligence Agency (BIN), to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo).

Entering politics, Djoko ensure that the Agency Siber will be neutral. He wanted a democratic party to walk safely without hoax .

"Our goal is to secure and help the government deal with the cyber world," said Djoko.


Earlier, President Jokowi was officially sworn in as Chief Djoko Setiadi Siber Agency and the State Code (BSSN) at the State Palace in Jakarta.

This inauguration in accordance with Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 130 P 2017 on honorable discharge Lemsaneg Head and The Head BSSN years 2017-2022.

The procession is done with the inauguration of a state procession. In his oath, Djoko promised to perform the task as well as possible.

"By God, I swear that I will be faithful to the Constitution of 1945 and will carry out all of the Law with selurus-righteous for the sake of my devotion to the dharma of the nation," said Djoko Widodo when sworn by.

Jokowi explained, BSSN is the body that is essential and indispensable in the future by the state, especially in anticipation of the development of the cyber world is growing very fast.

"Therefore, the necessary changes in order to strengthen the role and function BSSN future," said President Jokowi was quoted on the website of the Cabinet Secretariat.

Before changes are made, BSSN is a government institution is under the Coordinating Minister for Politics. However, now BSSN directly under the President.

Source: Liputan6.com
Author: Lizsa Egeham

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