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Placing Ad

1. Advertise At Google
1.A. Target District/City/Province
USD 15
1.B. Target Countries
USD 30
1.C. Target Multiple Countries Or International
USD 40

2. Advertise At
2.A. Advertise In Header
USD 9,3 per month
2.B. Advertise In Sidebar
USD 6,2 per month
2.C. Advertise Above Articles
USD 6,2 per month
2.D. Advertise Under Articles
USD 3,1 per month
2.E. Advertise In Footer
USD 3,1 per month

3. Advertise On Content
3.A. Content Ads
USD 15 per ad
3.B. Review
USD 15 per review

Payment Via:
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • BTC
  • ETH

Booking can be done below:
WhatsApp+62 838 1340 7997
PHONE/SMS+62 838 1340 7997

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